Author: kindnesskillspoetry

Ten, Nine, Eight…

Ten leave on an aeroplane,
But only nine will return.
I’ve done this before,
But still my heart burns.

There used to be nine of them,
Now there are eight,
In two months I’ll only have seven,
But I must have faith.

Eight different voices
Created cacophony each day,
But I no longer need silence
If only she could stay.

Eight hands to wash the dishes,
Eight hands to sweep the floor,
Eight mouths that bicker and argue,
As they do each chore.

From nine to seven,
What a world of a difference,
There will be shuffling and adjusting,
That she too will experience

When we leave,
It will be from ten to her lonesome,
There will be silence and tears
And homesickness comes like explosions.

Only nine will jet back off an aeroplane
And then we’ll be a time zone apart.
She won’t even come home for the summer,
And that breaks my heart.

It is no easy feat
Letting go of your child,
To release your young
Into the wild.

But it is time for her to grow up
And it is time to get grown,
Time for her to start reaping
What we’ve long ago sown.

To use her knowledge, skills,
Talents, and calling for God’s glory
Time for her to end this chapter
And be part of a bigger story.



Laughter is the best medicine.
Well, it is until you realise
your laughter is fake
And all this medication is maintenance.
You aren’t cured,
No problems are fixed.

Laughter is the best medicine,
Well, it is until you realise
You’re not laughing at yourself,
But laughing by yourself
In an empty room you built for others.

Laughter is the best medicine
until you realise you aren’t even laughing anymore;
All you are doing is conjuring sounds
that seem appropriate for the situation.

Laughter is the best medicine.
Well, it is until you realise
You laugher is a hallow shell,
Just like you,
And it is the echos that keep you breathing.

So, you laugh and laugh and laugh,
In the hopes that it will be enough to sustain you.
And then you run of breath.

Pointless Christianity 

Jesus in my bio
Jesus in my pinned tweet
Jesus on my header
Jesus – my next retweet
Jesus on my t-shirt
Jesus in my chant
Jesus on my profile
Jesus on my hat
Jesus everywhere convenient,
But Jesus in my daily life?
Don’t got time for that.
“I am not ashamed of Jesus”
“I am not ashamed to declare His name”
“I stand before my God;
“I stand before Him unashamed”
“I am not ashamed of Jesus!”

But did you ever consider Jesus
being ashamed of you?