We played symphonies on my wrists
Until our ears bled red
And the music played through
All the shouting in my head

We danced in the scarlet rain,
Splashed in clouded puddles like we had the world to gain

Our smiles grew wider and wider
While the darkness skittered and scattered
Like gnats, ants, and spiders

Our voices rang as we bellowed out
The ballads of our monsters
Singing out

And the symphonies continued
Until our heart took flight —
The string anchoring us broken;
Now we’re floating kites




I know of twilight
And the secrets it keeps:
Hidden kisses behind the courtyard
Of lovers who cannot be seen,
Encrypted messeges sent by guard
To envoys and convoys for things bequeathed.

I know of twilight
And the pictures it paints:
The delicate intertwine of colours
Like the prayers of saints
The soft dancing of lights
As it skitters around the corners,
And the array of picture taking
Sunset hoarders.

I know of twilight
And the things it’s seen:
The nervous giggles and laughter
About things quite obscene.
The black cloaks and whispers
Of a last escape
To a boat that ventures onward –
To adventure docked by a Great Lake.

I know of twilight:
The timidness and blushing
Of the stars showing up
One by one,
Burning fiercely at their
Display of beauty
That rivals the sun.

I know of twilight
And the stories is shows:
How light and darkness are together
For but a brief moment,
Of how they hold each other
Before their slow and painful parting
To be in the arms of another.

I know of twilight
And the story kept hidden:
Of dawn’s jealousy and indignation
Of a twin whose beauty
Goes beyond words, lyrics, and nations.

I know of twilight
And all of its wonders,
But I’ll only know twilight
Like lightning knows thunder

Happiness is Bought

Argument: Money cannot buy you happiness
Counter-argument: Money can buy you comfort and luxury; it
can fulfill needs and wants – which is the same thing.

Money can buy you
vessels of happiness.
Money can buy you snippets and previews of happiness.
Money can buy you bliss and pleasure and a good time.
But anything bought can be taken back, can be stolen, can be lost.
Money can buy you a happiness,
But not the happiness you are looking for.

True happiness is a sprout that
finds a way out of the darkness
and breaks through the dirt and into the light
True happiness is a flickering light
that becomes a spark that shifts into a fire
to warm the family in coldest of winter
True happiness is a peace that no war,
no earthquake, no tsunami or hurricane or tornado
can ever hope to disturb.
Albeit, true happiness was still bought,
but not with the currency we are familiar with.
True happiness came at a cost and its payment was in blood.
And then true happiness was given for free
Because true happiness is in giving more than it is in receiving
Because true happiness is so much more wonderful
than the counterfeit you decided to settle with.


May 15, 2017

Behind the [:]

“And when they saw him, they worshipped him : but some doubted.” Matthew‬ ‭28:17‬ ‭KJV‬‬

“Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting.” – Mr. Stan Lawrenson 

Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting
Still doubting
After seeing miracles
and wonders
and powers
and glory
and the impossible

Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting
Working to get to places
You can’t get to on your own
Starving yourself until
You’re just skin and bones.

Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting
Doing right for the wrong reasons
Wondering if all this work
Amounts to anything
Wondering if there’s really a King
Worth pleasing or if all of this is just fleeting.

Don’t be the believer behind that colon, doubting
Putting on act
Trying to move mountains with feeble arms.

Don’t be the believer behind that colon, doubting
Listening to the world
Not living by faith, but
By sight

Don’t be the believer behind that colon, doubting
Looking back at what’s been left behind
Counting the cost,
Not looking at the cross

Don’t doubt Someone
Who has yet to fail

But if you are behind that colon
Unsure in this path
Questioning and wondering
I want to remind you:
It is worth it

There is a God who loves you
A God who cares
A God who is just, love, and fair.
A God who knows better
Than you and I do
A God who went to die,
Despite knowing that no matter how
Hard He’d try
You would still be doubting.