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Pointless Christianity 

Jesus in my bio
Jesus in my pinned tweet
Jesus on my header
Jesus – my next retweet
Jesus on my t-shirt
Jesus in my chant
Jesus on my profile
Jesus on my hat
Jesus everywhere convenient,
But Jesus in my daily life?
Don’t got time for that.
“I am not ashamed of Jesus”
“I am not ashamed to declare His name”
“I stand before my God;
“I stand before Him unashamed”
“I am not ashamed of Jesus!”

But did you ever consider Jesus
being ashamed of you?



Take away a man’s money, clothes, and name
And all he has left is his word.

Believer, it is time to listen
To the songs you sing
To the verses you read
And the notes you take

It is time to  listen
To the things the deaf
Can clearly hear

Believer, it is time to apply
The songs you’ve sung
The verses you’ve read
And notes you’ve taken

Believer, it is time to stop
Thinking and planning.
Wondering and questioning

Believer, it is time to
Redeem the time
Because the days are evil

Believer, if you “have decided
To follow Jesus,
No turning back,
no turning back”

Then it is time to
Follow Jesus
No turning back,
No turning back

Believer, I know it is hard
To have no knowledge
To have no control
Over what is to come

But, believer, whether you
Surrender or not
You have no knowledge
You have no control

Believer, it is better
that you come to accept this now
Than be stuck in a rut
and wonder “how?”

This all came to be
how you could not see
That the path “so easy”
Was not the path of the free.

Believer, it is time
To live by letting go,
Letting go of it all

You give Him your problems
But not your plans;
Why can’t you trust
Everything in His hands?

Believer, please listen,
Trust, and obey
For there really isn’t
Any other way

Happiness is Bought

Argument: Money cannot buy you happiness
Counter-argument: Money can buy you comfort and luxury; it
can fulfill needs and wants – which is the same thing.

Money can buy you
vessels of happiness.
Money can buy you snippets and previews of happiness.
Money can buy you bliss and pleasure and a good time.
But anything bought can be taken back, can be stolen, can be lost.
Money can buy you a happiness,
But not the happiness you are looking for.

True happiness is a sprout that
finds a way out of the darkness
and breaks through the dirt and into the light
True happiness is a flickering light
that becomes a spark that shifts into a fire
to warm the family in coldest of winter
True happiness is a peace that no war,
no earthquake, no tsunami or hurricane or tornado
can ever hope to disturb.
Albeit, true happiness was still bought,
but not with the currency we are familiar with.
True happiness came at a cost and its payment was in blood.
And then true happiness was given for free
Because true happiness is in giving more than it is in receiving
Because true happiness is so much more wonderful
than the counterfeit you decided to settle with.


May 15, 2017

Behind the [:]

“And when they saw him, they worshipped him : but some doubted.” Matthew‬ ‭28:17‬ ‭KJV‬‬

“Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting.” – Mr. Stan Lawrenson 

Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting
Still doubting
After seeing miracles
and wonders
and powers
and glory
and the impossible

Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting
Working to get to places
You can’t get to on your own
Starving yourself until
You’re just skin and bones.

Don’t be the believer behind the colon, doubting
Doing right for the wrong reasons
Wondering if all this work
Amounts to anything
Wondering if there’s really a King
Worth pleasing or if all of this is just fleeting.

Don’t be the believer behind that colon, doubting
Putting on act
Trying to move mountains with feeble arms.

Don’t be the believer behind that colon, doubting
Listening to the world
Not living by faith, but
By sight

Don’t be the believer behind that colon, doubting
Looking back at what’s been left behind
Counting the cost,
Not looking at the cross

Don’t doubt Someone
Who has yet to fail

But if you are behind that colon
Unsure in this path
Questioning and wondering
I want to remind you:
It is worth it

There is a God who loves you
A God who cares
A God who is just, love, and fair.
A God who knows better
Than you and I do
A God who went to die,
Despite knowing that no matter how
Hard He’d try
You would still be doubting.