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This piece was written and performed for a school activity/competition with the theme: STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING

When I was a little girl
I was captivated by this boy.
With red hair, freckles, and a mischievous grin.
He danced and he flew
And was attractive as sin.

He took me places I did not know
I wanted to go
And maybe I didn’t,
But young as I was,
I went with the flow.

He taught me things I should not have known
Showed me things I should not have seen
Took me places I should not have been,
Then treated me like
Ahasuerus did Vashti, his queen

Took parts I did not know how to keep
Sold and traded them online for something cheap
Now I’ve sunk far too deep
Now it’s a history I have to keep

I am 18 years old
And I’ve tried very hard to forget
And every Peter I’ve met

My brain trying to wash it away his stain
With salt water,
blood and sweat:

Peter denied his friend thrice
Peter turned out to be a rat,
Betraying his friends while with them he sat.
Peter took children by the hand
And flew them away to Neverland

He enticed Michael, John, and Wendy
Like a clocked figure handing out questionable candy,
Took them far away
And determined that they should stay

In Neverland, what a beautiful place.
Desolate and remote,
An island depended on secrecy
To float.

Neverland, neverland.
Never complain
Never frown
Keep Peter happy,
He wears the crown.

Neverland, Neverland
Never speak unless spoken to
Do as he pleases
Enjoy every job,
Smile when he teases.

Neverland, Neverland
Keep your secrets inside a can
Don’t divulge what he’s done,
What he will do,
Or where he send you.
Don’t you understand?

He has the power
to lock you in a tower
He treats you like a flower
You can do nothing but cower

Neverland, Neverland,
You can never leave Neverland
Keep your feet on the hot sand
Just listen to the siren and hold my hand.

Neverland, Neverland
Close your eyes
Shut your lips
They will misunderstand

Neverland, Neverland,
I pray children never land
in Neverland.

“I do believe in fearies,
I do, I do,
I do believe in fearies,
I do, I do.
I do believe in fearies,
Why can’t you?”

Written on: July 27, 2017

Perforomed on: July 28, 2017