Tag: Secrets



I know of twilight
And the secrets it keeps:
Hidden kisses behind the courtyard
Of lovers who cannot be seen,
Encrypted messeges sent by guard
To envoys and convoys for things bequeathed.

I know of twilight
And the pictures it paints:
The delicate intertwine of colours
Like the prayers of saints
The soft dancing of lights
As it skitters around the corners,
And the array of picture taking
Sunset hoarders.

I know of twilight
And the things it’s seen:
The nervous giggles and laughter
About things quite obscene.
The black cloaks and whispers
Of a last escape
To a boat that ventures onward –
To adventure docked by a Great Lake.

I know of twilight:
The timidness and blushing
Of the stars showing up
One by one,
Burning fiercely at their
Display of beauty
That rivals the sun.

I know of twilight
And the stories is shows:
How light and darkness are together
For but a brief moment,
Of how they hold each other
Before their slow and painful parting
To be in the arms of another.

I know of twilight
And the story kept hidden:
Of dawn’s jealousy and indignation
Of a twin whose beauty
Goes beyond words, lyrics, and nations.

I know of twilight
And all of its wonders,
But I’ll only know twilight
Like lightning knows thunder